Ohioans Together

Empowering Parents & Communities in K-12 Education

Ohioans Together believes that ALL students deserve the opportunity to excel, NO MATTER

  • Where they live
  • How rich or poor their families are
  • What kinds of gifts, talents, or special needs they may have

…and that is why we seek to expand empowerment for parents, and educational opportunities for children so that students can discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities.

Ohioans Together is a coalition of parents, community members, organizations, grassroots and grasstops, and neighborhood leaders who believe that

  • Every child is unique
  • They do not all succeed in the same educational environment
  • Innovation and choice can help every child to unlock their full potential

…and that is why we are working on reforms to the education system in Ohio that empowers families to find the educational setting that best suits their child’s individual needs.

Scholarship Opportunities

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Ohioans Together: Our Principles

  • What we believe
  • Why we’ve come together