Our Buckeye Blueprint campaign will engage, empower, & embolden volunteers and coalition partners in all 88 counties in the pursuit of emboldened policy champions and transformational public policy that will move Ohio from middle in the mid-west to first in the Nation.

Our Buckeye Blueprint campaign is designed to advance a bolder, better Buckeye state for ALL Ohioans.

This will be accomplished by empowering concerned citizens to participate in the legislative process by building greater awareness of critical legislative opportunities for change and empowering them with engagement tools to make their voices heard in Columbus.

We seek to engage and empower volunteers and coalition partners in all 88 Counties in the pursuit of emboldened policy champions and transformational public policy.

Our Buckeye Blueprint is powered by the staff and volunteers who live here in Ohio.

Our team is the cornerstone of our commitment to advancing freedom and prosperity in Ohio. Each member of our team embodies the spirit of innovation, dedication to liberty, and a deep-seated belief in the power of grassroots advocacy.

As you learn more about our team, you’ll encounter a group of dedicated professionals who are not just advocates but champions of a future where Ohio sets a benchmark for freedom and prosperity.

Through strategic advocacy and principled policy-making, we’re paving the way for a freer, more prosperous Buckeye State. Join us as we work towards a bolder, better Buckeye state for ALL Ohioans.

Daniel Kairies

Grassroots Engagement Director

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Daniel holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Michigan State and a master’s in diplomacy and security from the University of Kentucky. Formerly with the Michigan and Ohio Republican Parties, he now leads voter contact operations at Americans For Prosperity. 

Phillip Parenti

Grassroots Engagement Director

Born in Philadelphia and raised in Ohio, Phillip brings years of activism experience, shaped by service in the Air Force and exposure to diverse political landscapes. From Tea Party roots to county chairmanship, he champions conservatism and leads AFP’s Steubenville office. Passionate about constitutional principles, he drives grassroots organizing and advocates for individual rights statewide.

Matt Hurley

Deputy Director of Grassroots Operations

Matt has been part of the team since 2017, brings diverse experience from asset management and software sectors. A former blogger, radio host, and cable TV presenter, he’s a seasoned voice on political issues. With a background in GOP roles and think tank contributions, Matt now oversees strategic operations technology for AFP in Ohio.

Ezra C. Escudero

Director of Coalitions

An Ohio native of Mexican heritage, Ezra is celebrated for his leadership in technology, entrepreneurship, and public service. A graduate of The Ohio State University, he revitalized the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs and led the Ohio SBDC Network. Currently directing coalitions for AFP Ohio, he also teaches Leadership & Faith Formation classes and aspires to clerical service in the Catholic Church. Beyond policy, Ezra is a theologian, author, and aspiring clergyman, residing in Central Ohio with his family.

Hannah Kubbins

Legislative Director

Hannah initially served as the chapter’s Deputy Legislative Director in 2022. Formerly Executive Director of a criminal justice reform nonprofit, she graduated from Denison University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in English and Narrative Journalism. Passionate about policy, she drives impactful legislative initiatives.

Carly McCain

Advocacy Director

Originally from Colombia but a proud Ohioan, Carly was raised in Cincinnati. A Miami University alumna with degrees in Political Science and German, she has served in state government roles, including legislative aide and public policy officer. Carly’s passion lies in collaborating with liberty-loving organizations and Ohioans to influence state and federal decision-making.

Lair Marin-Marcum

Ohio Strategic Director

Lair, formerly with Ohio state and corporate sectors, leads The LIBRE Initiative-Ohio. She’s a community stalwart, VP of the Hispanic Chamber of Columbus, and chair of Latina Mentoring Academy. Honored for her contributions, she champions diversity, education, and inclusion. Passionate about music, Lair resides in Grove City with her supportive husband and family. 

Kyle Miller

Director of Grassroots Operations

Kyle has been with AFP since 2020 and infuses volunteer efforts with leadership and strategy. A military veteran serving 9 years including two Afghanistan tours, upon exiting he ran a successful business for five years. Kyle prioritizes family time with his wife and three children, alongside his passion for jujitsu.

Letty Damian

North Ohio Grassroots Engagement Director Libre Initiative

Letty, a first-generation college graduate, honors her parents’ immigrant journey. An ordained minister with a Master’s in Divinity from Methodist Theological Seminary, she dedicates herself to public service. Letty, a wife and mother of three, finds joy in reading and traveling.

Kennedy Barnett

Grassroots Engagement Director

Joining the team in October 2023, Kennedy holds a bachelor’s in psychology from Muskingum University. Beginning as Libertarian Party chair in Trumbull County, Ohio, she transitioned to AFP, honing canvassing skills. Now co-leading voter contact operations, her efforts consistently top NDOA leadership boards, driving statewide impact. 

Tim Ross

Deputy State Director

Tim is a native of Coshocton County, Ohio, brings extensive political experience to his role. Formerly District Director for Congressman Bob Gibbs and Campaign Manager for Markwayne Mullin for Congress, he also served in the Ohio Governor’s Office. Committed to his family – wife Kristen and son TDR, and public service, Tim plays a vital role in AFP’s leadership team. 

Amber Keener

Grassroots Engagement Director

Amber, a mother of five, holds a master’s degree in history. A dedicated advocate for school choice, she serves as a City Councilwoman and volunteers with local organizations. A graduate of the JoAnn Davidson Leadership Institute of Ohio and the John Glenn Public Leadership Program, Amber embodies a commitment to community and public service.

Jennifer Kiko

Deputy Director of Grassroots Operations

With a background in public service, Jennifer previously served as Outreach Director for Congressman Bob Gibbs, igniting her passion for community engagement. Proudly calling Alliance, Ohio home, she cherishes time with her two children, three grandchildren, and beloved dog Zoey.

Hollie Roberts

Deputy Director of Grassroots Operations

Joining AFP in 2023, Hollie, a NE Ohio native, now calls NW Ohio home. With a background in advertising and political organizing both with the ORP and local GOP, she’s dedicated to uplifting Ohioan’s voices. When not advocating with AFP, she treasures family time with her husband, son, daughters, and dog, Etta.

Michael Segrest

Deputy Coalitions Director

Cultivating lasting partnerships in Ohio, Michael joined AFP in 2017, evolving from volunteer to full-time staff. Previously managed a local business and consulted for nonprofits. A Marshall University alum, he enjoys home projects, family time, and discovering live music.

Donovan O’Neil

State Director

Leading Americans for Prosperity in Ohio, Donovan O’Neil mobilizes for public policy reform. His background includes roles in government, notably for former Ohio Auditor Dave Yost, promoting government innovation and cost savings. A Youngstown State graduate, he lives in Mansfield, Ohio, with his family.

Adam Bowling

Grassroots Engagement Director

Adam, an Ohio native, is dedicated to empowering voices in communities. Married to Jennifer, with four children, he advocates for educational freedom, driving involvement in AFP. Passionate about prosperity, Adam strives for Ohioans to engage in addressing community challenges.

Ivan Trent

Grassroots Engagement Director Libre Initiative

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ivan holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Old Dominion University and a dual Masters degree in Business Administration from Otterbein University and Raymond A. Mason School of Business at The College of William & Mary. Formerly with Virginia Republicans as a Turf Coordinator, Ivan now leads university outreach for the Libre Initiative.

Alyssa Baker

Grassroots Engagement Director

Northern Kentucky native with close ties to southern Ohio, Alyssa pursued a political science degree at the University of Cincinnati. Internships with Frank LaRose and Brad Wenstrup deepened her commitment to Ohio. Alyssa’s passion for political research and engagement drives her leadership in grassroots efforts.