Building a Bolder, Better Buckeye State
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The Problem

  • Tax Reform: 9 States have a 0% income tax, while many more are on the march to 0% in the coming years. 
  • Education Opportunity: Universal Education Savings Accounts are available in dozens of states and rapidly growing.  
  • Spending: Columbus bureaucrats budgets continue to grow, while Ohioans see their budgets shrink.  
  • Energy Abundance: The current era of Ohio energy production has been mired in scandal and cronyism.  

We need to start building a bolder, better Buckeye state for all Ohioans.

  • Income tax
  • Education Opportunity
  • Energy Abundance

Key Ohio Statistics

Ohio is currently ranked 26th in the United States for its economic outlook.

According to the Freedom In the 50 States 2023 It should trouble residents of the Buckeye State that their state’s policy regime is still worse than that of other Great Lakes states that have been reforming.

Even the US News & World Report 2023 has Ohio listed as 34th.

of Ohioans Volunteer according to a study by Americorps on volunteerism in the country.  

Welcome to Mansfield

About Us

The Buckeye Blueprint is AFP-Ohio’s campaign to build a bolder, better Buckeye state. We are going to accomplish this by bringing Ohioans together to build grassroots movements around policy priorities at the state and local levels.



Barriers To Economic Opportunity For All 


Personal Options in Health Care


Safe Communities & Defend Constitutional Rights


Educational Opportunities for Everyone

Take Action

Fund Students, Not Systems

Education should create an environment that empowers students to continually fulfill their unique potential throughout their lives.  Because this looks different for each person and each person learns differently, education should be individualized.  Students and families should be trusted to make decisions about their education.  They should have agency over what, where, and how they learn.  

Who will this help the most

  • Students
  • Parents & Guardians

Areas of impact

  • Schools
  • Local Communities

Support Eliminating State Income Tax

The Ohio General Assembly has made some positive progress over the last several budget cycles by slowly and steadily driving tax rates down and reducing the number of brackets. HB 386 / SB 216 will rapidly accelerate that progress by setting Ohio on a phase-out trajectory for Income Tax. While also outright eliminating the economically harmful Commercial Activity Tax (CAT).  

Who will this help the most

  • Families
  • Retirees

Areas of impact

  • Businesses in Ohio
  • Local Economy