Take Action

Take Action

Stop HB230

House Bill 230 is legislation that will impose an unnecessary and burdensome new licensure requirement on the men and women working to keep our energy prices low

Support HB1 Contact Officials

Ohio should greatly reduce personal income tax

Universal Open Enrollment

Ohio should have more options in education

Price Transparency in Hospitals

There should be transparency in the cost of health care in Ohio

Support Personal Options in Healthcare

Ohio should have more Personal Options in Health Care

Health Care Association Plans

Ohio should have more options in Health Care

Support Education Opportunity (Backpack Bill)

Ohio should fund students, not systems.

Effectively Fund and Train Law Enforcement

Ohio should adequately fund law enforcement

Stop Voucher Lawsuit

What is the lawsuit against Ohio’s EdChoice scholarship program all about?

Eliminate Ohio CAT Tax

Ohio should eliminate commercial activity tax

Eliminate Ohio Personal Income Tax

Ohio should be the first Midwest state to eliminate personal income tax.

Support Health Care Professionals

Lower Costs and Higher Quality Care