In 2024, Americans for Prosperity – Ohio will create a solid foundation to further advance our Buckeye Blueprint agenda, focusing on:  

  • Economic Opportunity for All Ohioans  
  • Educational Freedom for All Ohio Families  
  • Ending the Cronyist Era of Energy Policy  

Our priorities for the remainder of this General Assembly will tier up to what we will advocate for in the next budget cycle, and for the duration of the 136th General Assembly.  

What can be done
Buckeye’s 2025 Agenda
Section 1: Economic Freedom

Reduce government bloat and spending

Ohio could adopt a spending growth limit that balances the budget over the medium term instead of every year. This would give legislators much more stable and predictable budgets, which would empower them to advance real upgrades for Ohio instead of just responding to volatile revenue estimates from a dynamic economy. Such a statutory “structural balance” rule could let spending growth with a rolling average of recent growth in Ohio’s economy with a deficit brake to keep spending and revenue trends together. The government wouldn’t overspend during especially strong revenue years, since revenue above the caps would go into a reserve fund. The state would tap those funds during weak revenue years when spending would otherwise be above revenue. This approach would strengthen Ohio’s fiscal independence from Washington, D.C., reducing our vulnerability to the red tape and strings that come with federal bailouts.