Endorsement: Mike Dovilla – Shaping Ohio’s Future with Leadership and Vision

Rep. Mike Dovilla, a seasoned former State Representative is the Buckeye Blueprint endorsed candidate in OH14. 


Dovilla earned a reputation as a staunch advocate for aligned energy policies. His track record includes unwavering support for school choice, advocating for universal access with funding flexibility. Dovilla is poised to make an immediate and impactful return to the State House, drawing on his previous legislative experience.

Policy Positions:

Energy Reform: Policy Champion

Dovilla’s tenure in the State House was marked by a steadfast commitment to aligned energy policies. A vocal proponent of unleashing domestic energy production, he stands as a reliable champion for Ohio’s energy independence and economic prosperity.

Education Opportunity: Policy Champion

Dovilla consistently championed school choice during his previous term, endorsing a vision where parents have a diverse array of educational options. His commitment to universal school choice, with funds directly following the child, underscores his dedication to providing Ohio families with meaningful choices in education.

Economic Opportunity: Policy Champion

Dovilla’s approach to economic opportunity is comprehensive, involving the elimination of the personal income tax, significant spending cuts, and the reduction of regulatory burdens. His commitment aligns seamlessly with our Buckeye Blueprint policy agenda – enrusing opportunity for ALL Ohioans.

Buckeye Blueprint Endorsed

In the upcoming election, Rep. Mike Dovilla stands as a dedicated advocate for Ohio’s future, combining proven experience, principled leadership, and a commitment to the core values of the Buckeye Blueprint.