AFP-Ohio Initiates Accountability Campaign On HB205

(Columbus, OH) – Today, Americans for Prosperity-Ohio (AFP-OH) launched a $200,000 campaign focused on holding legislators accountable who voted for H.B. 205, legislation that would create a new labor mandate on Ohio’s oil and gas refineries. While Ohioans are continuing to cope with high energy costs and inflation not seen since the Carter years, this campaign places a spotlight on lawmakers who campaigned as limited government conservatives, yet have used their legislative authority to vote for big government policies like H.B. 205. 

The initial launch of this campaign includes digital ads and mailers set to run in several districts around the state. Grassroots canvassing has been ramped up along with public opinion polling. The campaign is expected to run through the fall and winter months with a variety of tactics aimed at putting big government labor mandates to rest in the 135th General Assembly. 

This summer, AFP-OH also ran digital “Thank You” ads for 10 legislators who stood up for American energy independence and against burdensome labor mandates.  

AFP-OH State Director, Donovan O’Neil, issued the following statement: 

“AFP-Ohio is engaging on one of its largest accountability plays in recent years. Too many Ohioans who voted for lawmakers based on their conservative platform and promises to reduce red tape that impinges on their livelihoods are being duped. As Democrats like Sherrod Brown and Joe Biden are enacting similar policies on a federal level that hamper our domestic energy production, some Republicans have pushed new labor mandates that will accelerate the most damaging aspects of the Bidenomics economy. It’s our hope that this campaign serves as a wake-up call for these lawmakers and their constituents are better informed on what’s going on in Columbus.” 

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