Endorsement: Adam Mathews – Leading the Way for Ohio’s Prosperity


A Buckeye Blueprint endorsed candidate in 2022, Rep. Adam Mathews stands out as a leader committed to driving positive change. During his freshman year in office, Mathews has already made significant strides, showcasing his dedication to fiscal responsibility, education reform, and tax reduction.

Policy Positions:

Taxes: Policy Champion

In his inaugural term, Rep. Mathews took the reins in advocating for tax reform. His sponsorship of bills aimed at lowering taxes solidifies his role as a policy leader in this critical pillar of the Buckeye Blueprint policy agenda. Ohioans can trust in Mathews to continue championing fiscal policies that stimulate economic growth and benefit all Ohioans.

Education: Policy Champion

Education lies at the core of Mathews’s policy priorities. As a co-sponsor of the “Backpack Bill,” an essential AFP priority, he actively promotes school choice and recognizes its critical role in shaping Ohio’s educational landscape. Mathews has vocally advocated for an expanded array of opportunities for parents and students, making him a policy leader in the realm of education reform.

Buckeye Blueprint Endorsed

Rep. Adam Mathews, with his proven track record and visionary approach to transformational public policy, stands poised to lead Ohio HD-56 towards a future of prosperity. As constituents head to the polls, Mathews’s commitment to lower taxes and advance education choice positions him as a candidate dedicated to building a bolder, better Ohio. In the upcoming election, Rep. Adam Mathews emerges as a strong advocate for the people of Ohio. His leadership on taxation and education policy demonstrates a commitment to principles that align with the vision of a thriving and prosperous Buckeye State.