Endorsement: George Lang

State Senator George Lang: A Champion for Tax Reform

Senator George Lang stands out as a leading advocate for the Buckeye Blueprint in the Ohio Senate, tirelessly championing aligned reforms across various critical issue areas.


With a strong focus on tax reform, Lang ardently supports the full repeal of both the state income tax and the commercial activity tax, showcasing unwavering dedication to fostering a business-friendly environment in Ohio. Lang’s pivotal leadership in healthcare licensing reform has been instrumental to AFP-OH’s efforts. Additionally, Lang’s alignment with AFP-OH extends to key areas such as Public Safety and Justice, Education, Energy, and Regulations, making him a formidable force in driving positive change.

Tax Reform: Policy Champion

George Lang stands as a staunch advocate for comprehensive tax reform, supporting the complete repeal of both the state individual income tax and the commercial activity tax. With a track record of sponsoring and cosponsoring legislation aimed at advancing these vital policy changes, Lang emerges as a leading voice on tax issues within the Senate, prioritizing economic growth and fiscal responsibility for the benefit of all Ohioans.

Regulation: Policy Champion

Lang boasts a robust record of championing aligned regulatory reform measures, positioning himself as a prominent pro-business voice in the chamber. With a commitment to cutting red tape and streamlining regulatory processes, Lang advocates for policies that empower businesses to thrive, fostering innovation and competitiveness in Ohio’s economy.

Buckeye Blueprint Endorsed

George Lang’s unwavering commitment to tax reform and regulatory reform underscores his dedication to advancing Ohio’s prosperity and ensuring a brighter future for all residents. As a proven leader and advocate for meaningful change, Senator Lang continues to be a driving force in shaping Ohio’s policy landscape.