Endorsement: Kyle Koehler

Kyle Koehler: A Champion for Education Opportunity and Energy Reform

Former State Representative Kyle Koehler is the Buckeye Blueprint endorsed candidate in SD-10.


Kyle Koehler brings a wealth of experience and a steadfast commitment to Ohio’s progress as he enters the race for Ohio State Senate District 10. With eight years of service in the State House, Koehler has demonstrated his dedication to advancing policies that promote education opportunity and energy freedom. His leadership on the Education Committee and advocacy for school choice initiatives have earned him recognition as a strong voice for Ohio’s students and families.

Policy Champion: Education Opportunity

Koehler’s tenure in the State House was marked by his unwavering support for education reform. As the primary sponsor of the Opportunity Scholarship Program bill, he led efforts to expand educational opportunities for Ohio’s children. His advocacy on the Education Committee paved the way for aligned reforms aimed at empowering parents and students with greater choice and flexibility in education.

Policy Champion: Energy Reform

Recognizing the importance of energy freedom, Koehler sponsored key legislation aimed at reforming the energy sector and promoting a freer market. His principled stance against the controversial Nuclear Bailout bill, HB 6, underscores his commitment to protecting consumers and promoting competition in Ohio’s energy industry.

Buckeye Blueprint Endorsed

Kyle Koehler’s proven track record as a champion for education and energy aligns seamlessly with the Buckeye Blueprint’s vision for Ohio’s future. With his leadership and dedication, Ohio stands poised for continued progress and prosperity.