Endorsement: Beth Lear – Champion for A Bolder, Better Buckeye State

Incumbent, Candidate for Ohio House District 61

Representative Beth Lear is our Buckeye Blueprint endorsed champion in OH61. As a dedicated advocate for Ohio’s prosperity, Lear has consistently championed aligned policies even before holding public office. Her policy leadership centers on tax reform, education choice, and fiscal responsibility, making her a prominent figure in shaping Ohio’s future.


Lear stands as a staunch champion of liberty. Exemplifying unwavering leadership and a commitment to core principles. During her tenure in the General Assembly Lear remains unswayed by special interests and political considerations, prioritizing the values that define the heart of the conservative movement.

Policy Positions

Tax Reform: Policy Champion

Representative Beth Lear stands out as a stalwart leader in the realm of tax policy. Her track record includes strong support for reforms, with a particular emphasis on eliminating the income tax. Lear’s unwavering commitment to reviewing and reforming all taxes aligns with the Buckeye Blueprint’s vision for a tax-friendly Ohio.

Education Opportunity: Policy Champion

Education policy holds a special place in Lear’s advocacy. Her active role in cosponsoring a school choice bill underscores her commitment to providing families with options. Lear’s support for empowering parents and Backpack Bill funding showcases a comprehensive, principle-based approach to education reform.

Reigning In Spending: Policy Champion

Beth Lear advocates for fiscal responsibility by calling for substantial cuts to the Ohio state budget. Her co-sponsorship of multiple spending reform bills reflects a commitment to aligning government expenditures with conservative values, ensuring taxpayer dollars are used efficiently.

Buckeye Blueprint Endorsed

In the upcoming election, Rep. Beth Lear stands as a true advocate for tax reform, education choice, and fiscal responsibility. With a history of principled leadership, she embodies the values of the Buckeye Blueprint, working tirelessly for the well-being of Ohio and its citizens.