Endorsement: Brian Stewart – Shaping Ohio’s Future with Tax Reform


Rep. Stewart emerges as a dynamic force, driven by a passion for tax reform, education opportunity, and standing against overreaching labor mandates on energy producers. As an incumbent seeking re-election in HD12, Stewart brings a wealth of legislative experience and a commitment to key policy issues that resonate with the core aspects of our Buckeye Blueprint policy agenda.

Policy Positions:

Taxes: Policy Champion

Stewart’s dedication to reducing the tax burden is evident in his sponsorship and co-sponsorship of bills aimed at decreasing property, business, and capital gain taxes. A staunch supporter of eliminating the personal income tax, he stands as a policy partner in the pursuit of fostering a business-friendly environment and enhancing economic growth for Ohio.

Education: Policy Champion

Brian Stewart stands out as a dedicated advocate for education, focusing on empowering Ohio families and securing a bright future for the state. With a commitment to school choice and innovative approaches to learning, Stewart champions policies that provide families with greater educational options. As a strong voice in Ohio’s General Assembly, he works tirelessly to shape an educational landscape that meets the diverse needs of families, ensuring a promising future for Ohio’s students.

Energy: Policy Champion 

Representative Stewart is a stalwart advocate against HB205, recognizing its harm as an overreaching energy mandate. With a keen understanding of the negative impact such regulations can have on Ohio’s economic prosperity and energy sector, Stewart stands firm in opposition. His commitment reflects a broader dedication to championing policies that empower job creators, protect jobs, and ensure a American energy dominance.

Buckeye Blueprint Endorsed  

In the upcoming election, Rep. Brian Stewart stands as a dependable advocate for tax reform, education opportunity, and American energy dominance. With a record of service, he offers a vision of prosperity and enhancing the well-being of ALL Ohioans.