Endorsement: Daniel Kalmbach

A Beacon for Economic Opportunity and Education Choice in Ohio State House District 69

Daniel Kalmbach, a formidable conservative candidate for Ohio State House District 69. Having served as a legislative aide to Rep. Thad Claggett, Kalmbach brings a wealth of experience and passion to policy issues at the core of our Buckeye Blueprint campaign, with a strong focus on economic opportunity and education choice.


A graduate of Cedarville University and Case Western Reserve University School of Law, Daniel Kalmbach resides in Hebron, Ohio, with his wife Nicole. His recent role as a Legislative Aide for Thad Claggett reflects his dedication to public service and commitment to small government principles.

Policy Positions:

Labor: Policy Champion

Daniel Kalmbach stands out as a passionate advocate for labor reform, making Ohio a Right to Work state a top priority. He supports allowing municipalities to waive prevailing wage requirements and seeks to loosen occupational licensing requirements. His alignment on these issues positions him as a valuable addition to the House GOP Caucus.

Education: Policy Champion

In education, Kalmbach strongly supports expanding education choice in Ohio. Championing the use of Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), he envisions a more free-market approach to education policy. His dedication to empowering parents and promoting a competitive educational landscape underscores his commitment to education freedom.

Taxes: Policy Champion

On the tax front, Kalmbach advocates for reducing the burden faced by individuals and businesses. He stands firmly in support of eliminating both the Ohio state income tax and the commercial activity tax. Showcasing Kalmbach’s dedication to fostering a business-friendly and fiscally responsible environment in Ohio.

Daniel Kalmbach emerges as a champion for labor reform, education choice, and tax relief, presenting a comprehensive vision for Ohio State House District 69. Kalmbach’s candidacy is poised to resonate with voters seeking principled, policy-driven representation. Join us in endorsing Kalmbach for a Buckeye Blueprint future where his passion, vision, and fresh perspective propel the district toward economic progress, education freedom, and principled governance.