Endorsement: David Thomas

Local Roots, Fiscal Expertise, and a Vision for Opportunity

David Thomas, a lifelong resident of Ashtabula County and the current Auditor for the county, is the Buckeye Blueprint endorsed candidate vying for Ohio State House District 65. With a rich blend of local roots, fiscal expertise, and a steadfast commitment to community service, Thomas emerges as a formidable candidate shaping the future of the district.


Thomas’s journey is deeply intertwined with the fabric of Ashtabula County. From serving on Austinburg Township’s zoning board at 16 to holding positions in state and federal government, including the Columbus Statehouse and the United States House of Representatives, Thomas has cultivated a diverse background. Despite his experiences beyond Ohio, he chose to return to Ashtabula County, driven by a desire to contribute to the future success of his community. Prior to his role as Auditor, Thomas served as the Fiscal Officer for Austinburg Township, worked full-time at Grand River Academy, and earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Baldwin Wallace University.

Policy Positions:

Taxes: Policy Coalition

Thomas’s candidacy is anchored in a commitment to tax reform, particularly in property taxes. With his background as a county Auditor, he recognizes the complexities of the state and local tax policy. Showcasing a willingness to engage in crucial fights for tax reform. AFP-OH believes Thomas’s experience and expertise make him a significant partner in shaping Ohio’s tax landscape for a more economically competitive future.

Education: Policy Leader

Thomas advocates for a student-centric approach in education. Supporting the idea of money following the student, he envisions a system where public schools have greater autonomy by rolling back unnecessary requirements. Additionally, Thomas champions school choice as a means of empowering parents with the flexibility to choose the best educational path for their children.

David Thomas emerges as a Buckeye Blueprint candidate deeply rooted in his community, poised to leverage fiscal expertise for meaningful reform. His commitment to education freedom, bold tax reform, and a simplified, efficient government makes him an ideal choice for Ohio State House District 65. Join us in endorsing David Thomas for a future where local roots, service, and fiscal responsibility guide the path to a bolder, better Buckeye state.