Endorsement: Gina Collinsworth

Championing Economic Progress and Education Freedom for Ohio HD-90

Gina Collinsworth is the Buckeye Blueprint endorsed candidate for Ohio State House District 90. Gina brings a robust background in economic development to the forefront of her campaign. Knowing HD-90 deserves smart leadership, Collinsworth is poised to play a proactive role in driving reforms that will move Ohio from middle in the mid-west to number one in the Nation.


A lifelong resident of southern Ohio, Gina Collinsworth is deeply ingrained in her local community. Active in community engagement, she has hosted a community radio program and currently serves in a public-facing role with the local economic development authority. Collinsworth is also a small business owner, operating a music and media business. She earned her BA in English from Shawnee State University and her master’s in English from the University of Cincinnati.

Policy Positions:

Economic Opportunity: Policy Champion

Collinsworth’s experience in economic development is anticipated to be an asset in addressing Economic opportunity challenges facing southern Ohio. Viewing the proper role of government as small and decentralized, she aligns strongly with significant reductions in regulation and the elimination of the state income tax.

Education: Policy Champion

Gina Collinsworth supports empowering parents and expanding education opportunities. Recognizing the need for more education options, she emerges as a clear leader on the critical issue of expanding education choices with many solutions. Collinsworth holds the strong conservative belief that parents, not Columbus bureaucrats, are best positioned to choose the best educational path for their children.

Buckeye Blueprint Endorsed:

Gina is a candidate focused on policy substance rather than divisive rhetoric. Collinsworth stands out as a kind and effective coalition builder. Her proactive approach to leadership, coupled with a deep passion for Economic Opportunity and Education Freedom, positions her as a candidate ready to take bold action for the benefit of her constituents in Ohio HD-90. Join us in endorsing Gina Collinsworth as the Buckeye Blueprint candidate who will fight for a bolder, better Buckeye state.