Endorsement: Jack Daniels

A Business Mindset for Ohio HD-32

Jack Daniels, a dynamic entrepreneur, and advocate for fiscal conservatism, is vying to represent Ohio HD-32 as the Buckeye Blueprint endorsed candidate. With a clear understanding of the economic factors that drive prosperity, Daniels brings a wealth of experience as a business owner and public servant to the table.


Currently serving on the New Franklin City Council, Daniels is not just a politician; he is a business owner with a keen eye for fiscal responsibility. As the owner of a trucking company, he has experienced firsthand the challenges of navigating a business through regulatory hurdles.

Policy Positions:

Education Opportunity: Policy Champion

Daniels stands as a fervent advocate for education opportunity, emphasizing the need for choice at every level. His belief in the power of competition, free markets, and a reduction in bureaucratic red tape resonates with a commitment to providing every child with the best possible education. Daniels supports a future where parents can choose the education that best suits their children and where trade schools play a cornerstone role in our education system.

Regulatory Reform: Policy Champion

Recognizing the impact of red tape on small businesses, Daniels champions regulatory reform to unleash the full potential of Ohio’s economy. His commitment to addressing rent-seeking regulations underscores his dedication to fostering an environment where businesses can thrive.

Buckeye Blueprint Endorsed

With a career that includes service as a school board member for a career tech school, Daniels brings a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between education and economic growth.

Jack Daniels emerges as a Buckeye Blueprint candidate with a business mindset, poised to bring his fiscal conservative philosophy to Ohio HD-32. His advocacy for education reform, economic competitiveness, and regulatory reform positions him as a candidate dedicated to creating an environment where businesses can flourish, and economic opportunity abounds.

Join us in supporting Jack Daniels for a future where economic growth, individual freedoms, and education innovation are at the forefront of Ohio’s agenda.