Endorsement: Kevin Ritter

Kevin Ritter: A Beacon for Education Opportunity

County Commissioner Kevin Ritter emerges as a formidable candidate for Ohio State House District 94, poised to champion aligned Education and Economic Progress policies.


With a robust background in education and a keen understanding of economic issues garnered from his tenure as a county commissioner, Ritter brings a wealth of experience to the table. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to found a successful sports marketing company, Coast to Coast Athletics, before transitioning to academia. Relocating to Washington County, Ohio, Ritter co-founded Veritas Classical Academy, where he currently serves on the board. His commitment to education extends beyond the classroom, as evidenced by his tenure as a County Commissioner and his advocacy for school choice.

Policy Champion: Education Opportunity

 Ritter’s passion for education shines through his leadership in co-founding a private school and his unwavering support for expanding education opportunities. As a proponent of school choice, he advocates for policies that empower families and students, recognizing the transformative impact of quality education on Ohio’s future.

Policy Champion: Economic Progress

 Drawing from his experience as a business owner and County Commissioner, Ritter possesses a deep understanding of economic issues. His testimony before the State House and his alignment on economic matters underscore his commitment to fostering a vibrant economy that benefits all Ohioans.

Buckeye Blueprint Endorsed

Kevin Ritter’s dedication to education opportunity, tax reform, and reigning in government spending aligns seamlessly with the Buckeye Blueprint’s vision for Ohio’s prosperity.  With Ritter at the helm, Ohio stands poised for a future defined by opportunity and prosperity.