Endorsement: Levi Dean

A Proponent of Economic Opportunity and Education Freedom in Ohio HD-71


Levi Dean is a current city council member with a strong commitment to key conservative principles and Buckeye Blueprint candidate for Ohio House District 71. Since 2018, Levi Dean has served as a member of the Xenia City Council, demonstrating his dedication to community service. Engaged in his family’s business and carrying the legacy of his district-involved family, Dean’s roots in the community run deep.

Policy Positions:

Government Reform: Policy Champion

Dean stands out as a staunch advocate for eliminating big government. His opposition to occupational licensing requirements and government regulations in employment issues aligns with free-market principles, positioning him as a leader on right sizing a state government that is too large.

Education: Policy Champion

On education policy, Dean supports a wide variety of schooling options for families. His belief that parents, not Columbus bureaucrats, should be the decision makers in a child’s education underscores his commitment to education freedom. Dean champions policies empowering parents to choose the educational path that best suits their children.

Taxes: Policy Champion

Adding to his comprehensive policy approach, Dean supports tax reform to reduce the burden faced by individuals and businesses. He has a dedication to fostering a business-friendly environment and promoting economic growth through sensible tax policies.

Levi Dean emerges as a multifaceted advocate, championing government reform policies, education freedom, and tax reform. Join us in endorsing Dean as the Buckeye Blueprint endorsed candidate for Ohio House District 71, where his commitment to these key principles promises a future of economic prosperity, educational choice, and sensible tax policies for the district’s residents.