Endorsement: Mark Hiner – A Champion for Fiscal Conservatism and School Choice

Mark Hiner is the Buckeye Blueprint endorsed candidate for OH98. Mark Hiner brings a track record of community engagement and professional acumen to his candidacy for Ohio House District 98.


Hiner combines his commitment to education with real-world leadership experience. With a B.S. from Ashland University and an M.B.A. from Ohio University, Hiner’s educational and professional background positions him as a candidate ready to lead Ohio into a future of prosperity and empowerment.

Policy Positions:

Education: Policy Champion

As an advocate for school choice, he envisions accessible public school open enrollment for all Ohio students. Embracing the principle that parents should be empowered with decisions around their childs education, Hiner’s commitment to education aligns with the Buckeye Blueprint’s vision of empowering families with educational options.

Economic Opportunity: Policy Champion

Hiner holds fiscally conservative positions, emphasizing the need to eliminate the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) and secure a 0% Income Tax. His support for reigning in burdensome spending underscores his commitment to a leaner government and amplify economic opportunity aligned with the principles of the Buckeye Blueprint.

Buckeye Blueprint Endorsed

As Mark Hiner steps into the political landscape, his dedication to fiscal responsibility, economic progress, and school choice positions him as a candidate who can champion the values that resonate with Ohioans. The Buckeye Blueprint endorses Mark Hiner as a reliable advocate for a prosperous and empowered Ohio.