Endorsement: Sally Culling

A School Choice Advocate and Fiscal Conservative for Ohio HD-75

Sally Culling is the Buckeye Blueprint endorsed candidate for Ohio House District 75. Culling’s campaign centers on advocating for school choice to uplift families from poverty and promoting fiscal conservatism to energize the economy.


Originally from England, Sally Culling’s early political career saw her elected to the Nottingham City Council at the age of 22. After working in D.C., she moved to Ohio with her husband, eventually becoming a U.S. citizen in 2015. With a background in foreign policy, including a role with the Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, Culling brings a wealth of conservative experience to her political journey.

Policy Positions

Education: Policy Champion

Culling emerges as a strong advocate for school choice, drawing from her personal experience of overcoming poverty as a child through educational opportunities. She believes parents know better than a Columbus bureaucrat what is best for a child’s education needs. She will be a tireless champion for education opportunity.

Taxes: Policy Champion

Lowering taxes takes center stage in Culling’s campaign platform, positioning her as a key player in tax reform discussions. She emphasizes tax reduction as a vital tool for fixing the economy. Culling proudly highlights her commitment to fiscal responsibility by signing the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Sally Culling emerges as a compelling Buckeye Blueprint candidate, combining advocacy for school choice and fiscal conservatism, she will work to build a bolder, better Buckeye state. Join us in endorsing Culling for Ohio House District 75, where her conservative background and principled policies promise positive change for the district’s residents.