Endorsement: Ty Mathews

Iraq Veteran and Advocate for School Choice and Economic Values in Ohio HD-83

Ty Mathews, a distinguished veteran, and Buckeye Blueprint candidate for Ohio House District 83. With a respected military background as a National Guard member and platoon leader stationed in Baghdad, Mathews brings a unique perspective to the political arena. While emphasizing his military service, Mathews champions school choice and economic values, positioning himself as a reliable voice on these critical issues.


A proud veteran, Ty Mathews serves as a platoon leader in the National Guard, recently stationed in Baghdad. Originally from Arlington, Ohio, he holds a bachelor’s degree from Cedarville University and a master’s from Liberty University. Before entering politics, Mathews worked as a legislative and policy analyst in the Ohio Treasurer of State’s office.

Policy Positions:

Education: Policy Champion

Mathews stands as a strong advocate for universal school choice, aligning closely with Ohio’s Backpack Bill. Never backing down from a fight, he knows that our children’s future is the most important investment Ohio can make. With parents knowing best, he will fight to empower parents with the resources necessary for a child’s education instead of bureaucrats or union bosses.

Tax Policy: Policy Champion

Highlighting his commitment to economic opportunity, Mathews supports bold tax reform to get Ohio’s economy moving. He knows we need to put economic competitiveness first and that starts with reducing the tax burden faced by individuals.

Ty Mathews emerges as a principled conservative with a strong commitment to education freedom and economic opportunity. Through his service to country, passion for conservative values, and commitment to hard work – Ty embodies what makes Northwest Ohio one of the best places to call home. Join us in endorsing Mathews as the Buckeye Blueprint candidate for Ohio House District 83.