Endorsement: Wezlynn Davis

A Trailblazer for Ohio’s Future


Americans for Prosperity Ohio is excited to announce our support of Wezlynn Davis in OH-86. As the current Jerome Township Trustee and owner of the Beauty Lab salon in Delaware, Ohio, Davis brings a unique blend of small business acumen and community commitment to the forefront of Ohio politics.

Since 2022, Davis has served as Jerome Township Trustee, leveraging her experience as a small business owner to contribute not only to her community’s economic vitality but also to the broader vision for Ohio’s future.

Policy Positions:

Education: Policy Leader

Davis champions the expansion of school choice in Ohio, emphasizing the need for reform within the Department of Education. Her commitment aligns seamlessly with the Buckeye Blueprint’s call for a diverse and robust education system that empowers families with choices like those in the Backpack Bill.

Taxes: Policy Leader

A proponent of fiscal responsibility, Davis advocates for a phased elimination of the state income tax within five years and the removal of the CAT tax. Drawing on her local government & business experience, she understands the pivotal role a responsible tax environment plays in fostering economic growth.

Buckeye Blueprint Endorsed

Wezlynn Davis is more than a political figure; she’s a natural and outspoken leader. A driving force in the Union County Republican Party, she has expanded the conservative movement in her region. Davis’s proactive approach distinguishes her from opponents, making her the ideal choice for those seeking genuine leadership.

With an ability to articulate conservative values that inspire a movement, it is evident that she is not just a speaker of conservative ideals but a leader who embodies them.

As Ohio looks to the future, Wezlynn Davis represents the embodiment of a bold vision—a leader who actively shapes policies for a prosperous Ohio. AFP-Ohio is excited to share our endorsement of Wezlynn Davis for a future that champions fiscal responsibility, educational freedom, and a thriving economy—a bolder, better Buckeye State.