Americans for Prosperity – Ohio Announces 9 Endorsements for 2024 Primary Election

Columbus, OH — On January 9th, Americans for Prosperity-Ohio (AFP-OH) announced endorsements for 9 candidates for the Ohio House of Representatives primary election on March 19, 2024.

Donovan O’Neil, State Director for Americans for Prosperity-Ohio, released the following statement:   

 “AFP Ohio is excited to announce our support for 9 policy champions for the Ohio House of Representatives. Our grassroots efforts have been proven to make a real impact in elections, and we are confident that our efforts will bring the change that the Buckeye state needs.   

Tim Ross, Deputy State Director & Political Director for Americans for Prosperity-Ohio continues:   

“Our team is dedicated to reaching voters at doors and on the phones to connect with grassroots on what matters most to them. Ohioans are asking for change, they deserve change, and these endorsements for the primary election will bring our state one step closer to enacting positive change across the Buckeye state.”  

AFP-OH Endorsed Candidates:

HD 32 Jack Daniels 

HD 65 David Thomas 

HD 55 Michelle Teska

HD 69 Daniel Kalmbach

HD 71 Levi Dean 

HD 75 Sally Culling

HD 83 Ty Mathews 

HD 86 Wezlynn Davis

HD 90 Gina Collinsworth