Cops handcuffing criminal

Reforming the criminal justice system to protect people & ensure public safety.

Great strides have been made, and Ohio legislators deserve credit for fully funding indigent defense in the last two state budgets. Ohio had an opportunity to pass drug sentencing reform in the last General Assembly and the conversation must continue. Cash Bail and Pretrial Justice Reform (SB182/HB315) can be a national model and ensure that our system incarcerates actual threats to public safety while more fairly assessing those who are not dangerous, and have no business being behind bars pretrial other than they can’t afford to get out.

Protect People & Preserve Public Safety

  • Create law enforcement licensing. Ensuring that our men and women in blue are equipped with the training required to fulfill their duty. While also providing a pathway to remove officers who mis-represented or fail to fulfill the oath of their service.

Respect Human Dignity

  • Passage of Pre-trial (Cash Bail) reform. Ensuring that individuals who are a threat to society remain incarcerated, yet not creating an artificial barrier to those without the financial means (and no danger) to go about their lives while awaiting trial.

Remove Barriers to Opportunity

  • Examine collateral sanctions that are keeping those who paid their debt the ability to restart their lives.
  • Modernize Ohio’s adult use cannabis laws through passage of free market reforms.

Equal Justice for All

  • Ensuring that Ohio continues to fully fund indigent defense in subsequent bi-annual budgets.

Vision – An effective criminal justice system protects people and preserves public safety, respects human dignity, restores victims, removes barriers to opportunity for people with criminal records, and ensures equal justice for all.