Galion Event

Blueprint Listening Tour makes stop in Galion

Carol Cabel and her colleagues in the From Citizen to Patriot group have been providing a forum for many years, drawing folks to mid-Ohio to share their thoughts on public policy challenges. It was a pleasure for our Buckeye Blueprint to receive such a warm welcome from the 25+ attendees on a cold and rainy Thursday evening.

There were two major elements those in attendance were focused on:

Expanding personal options in health care

  • Addressing rising health care costs, removing barriers to full practice authority, and increasing transparency. Across the board, these issues get to the heart of challenges Ohioans see with the health care system – it is costly and increasingly placing bureaucracy in the middle of patients and the health professionals they trust.

Those in attendance were encouraged to check out A Personal Option for Health Care, a new Americans for Prosperity national campaign based on a positive vision for reform. Full practice authority for highly skilled professionals can be achieved via legislation such as House Bill – 221 State Senator Tom Brinkman & State Senator Jennifer Gross.

Reforming the criminal justice system to protect people and preserve public safety

  • Discussion worked around the room on addressing collateral sanctions that erect barriers to opportunity after individuals are incarcerated, while also seeking ways to provide additional opportunities for diversionary programs that focus on rehabilitation rather than just incarceration.

Legislation such as Senate Bill 182 (State Senator Rob McColley) or Senate Bill 288 (State Senator Nathan Manning) can move Ohio closer to securing second chances and safer streets in the justice system.

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