Female doctor and nurse caring for a child in hospital

Driving Personal Options In Health Care

Ohio has made positive advances during the times of COVID on access to care, most notably with recently passed telemedicine reforms in House Bill 122. Though, a larger more substantive move that both empowers medical professionals and protects patients can be achieved by way of scope of practice reforms which have languished in the halls of the State House for years.

Three core principles underlie the Personal Option in health care:

Affordability | Access | Quality

Through a focus on these three principles, we can advance transformational public policy solutions that will Empower Medical Professionals and Protect Patients. While ensuring that safety nets are protected for the most vulnerable.

Empowering Medical Professionals

  • Reforming Ohio’s Scope of Practice laws to empower medical professionals with the freedom to practice without limitation.
  • Reviewing Ohio’s certificate of need laws to ensure that we allow patents and medical professionals to decide where best to allocate medical resources. Not executives of massive health care organizations.

Protecting Patients

  • Cost Transparency: Incentivize doctors and hospitals to disclose their prices up front by protecting patients’ right to pay cash when they prefer, instead of having to use their insurance, and by allowing state employees to keep the savings when they shop for the best value.
  • Flexibility in care: patients have the ability to utilize the healthcare provider of their choice. Direct Primary Care has the opportunity to put the patient back in the center of their care, rather than cost and coverage being the driver.
  • Legalization of association health plans: Through rethinking the traditional model of employer provided health insurance we should advance reforms that will enable individuals to join together and provide care aligned to values.

Communities – Build regional coalitions of leaders to advocate for Personal Option legislation in Columbus & DC.

Coalitions – Empower partner organizations to seek innovative ideas around Affordability, Access, and Quality. Organizations like The Buckeye Institute have been key partners in helping the legislature understand the impact of public policy reforms.

Policy Champions – Identify and support legislative champions who will work to drive policies that Empower Medical Professionals and Protect Patients.

Transformational Public Policy – Build on the Telehealth reforms. Advance comprehensive scope of practice reforms to empower highly skilled nurse practitioners to take full advantage of their training.

Vision – Everyone is empowered to pursue better access to continually improving and more affordable health care and resources that help them live healthier, more meaningful lives.