In 2024, Americans for Prosperity – Ohio will create a solid foundation to further advance our Buckeye Blueprint agenda, focusing on:  

  • Economic Opportunity for All Ohioans  
  • Educational Freedom for All Ohio Families  
  • Ending the Cronyist Era of Energy Policy  

Our priorities for the remainder of this General Assembly will tier up to what we will advocate for in the next budget cycle, and for the duration of the 136th General Assembly.  

What can be done
Buckeye’s 2025 Agenda
Section 3: Energy Policy

Increase transparency

Utilities companies have gone unnoticed by most taxpayers which has led to policies that ultimately increase the cost of energy for the consumer. Ohioans are still subsidizing two OVEC facilities as part of HB 6 from the 133rd General Assembly, a bill at the heart of Ohio’s largest public corruption scandal in history.