AFP-Ohio Initiates Accountability Campaign On HB205

  • AFP-Ohio Initiates Accountability Campaign On HB205

    (Columbus, OH) – Today, Americans for Prosperity-Ohio (AFP-OH) launched a $200,000 campaign focused on holding legislators accountable who voted for H.B. 205, legislation that would…

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  • Ohio Needs a Flat Income Tax to Boost Economic Growth

    As part of our ongoing #BuckeyeBlueprint campaign, Americans for Prosperity Ohio has released a study calling for a flat income tax in Ohio.…

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  • Americans for Prosperity – Ohio is launching a tour to share why it’s more expensive to enjoy college football

    As football season begins, the cost of being a fan is rising due to inflation. Americans could face sharply higher prices during the 2022-23 season…

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  • Buckeye Blueprint logo

    Americans for Prosperity – Ohio Announces First Round of 2022 General Election Legislative Endorsements

    Columbus, OH – Americans for Prosperity – Ohio (AFP-Ohio) today announced its first round of 2022 General Election endorsements for the Ohio General…

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  • Demetriou

    Vote Steve Demetriou for State Representative

    As a small business owner, Steve Demetriou understands that state government policies can undermine the ability of businesses to grow and create jobs.…

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  • Merrin

    Vote to Reelect State Representative Derrick Merrin

    As chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Derek Merrin is a leader and key voice supporting major tax reform issues,…

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  • Santucci

    Vote Nick Santucci for State Representative

    When elected to the State House, Nick Santucci will advance the taxpayers’ interests through commonsense tax reforms that impose broad-based cuts and focus…

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  • Reynolds

    Vote Michele Reynolds for State Senate

    Michele Reynolds currently serves as Madison Township Trustee. As a trustee, Reynolds worked to make the budget process more transparent, cut spending, and…

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  • Williams

    Vote Josh Williams for State Representative

    Josh Williams will work in the State House to break down barriers that prevent people from reaching their full potential. Williams will work…

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